A logo for website , which stores & sells “last minute” advertisement places.

There are tons of topics about Groupon style (discounts for various kind of goods, attractions & occasions) webpages rising & already dying online in recent time. But i was hooked on the twisted version of this phenomenon, created by people from SMMCstudios in New Carolina, USA. They narrowed down countless “all kind of” offers to only ADVERTISEMENT space sells on Overstockads.com. So i was lucky to join their joyful & creative team on logo task.

They wanted to use acronym for sure in the graphic sign as their logo name is quite long & sometimes its not too handy for use in limited space visual materials. The aim was to insert an idea , a message of foreseeing (binocular), catching out good deals  helping clients to spot out perfect “last minute” deals, or ad places with “discount” price tags. This is a perfect site for small advertisers with limited marketing budgets &/or which has no advert specialist &/or graphic designer in their team. Business owners can seek on site for discount deals as a last minute offers in different locations & various kinds of advertisement tools (magazines, billboards, local newspapers…) as well as ask for advert artwork making.

Wish them to expand widely & polish-up their interface as well. For latest info from Overstockads follow them on twitter.


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