Coming-up with a design based on photographies.

Few weeks ago a quick job was done on redesigning this site, see result here:

Parent company for this site is really serious, so the quick time-line & request that style must be modern, clean & in the same time serious by using photos in design for about 70% against text. That was enough challenging to say Yes for this quick job from my side. My hands was untied ,when i was allowed to use stock, the best on this earth so far for commercial designs. some cheaper stock was used as well, of course to keep the balance in budget.

In coding here as usually for urgent works, Vlad form Ukraine came here to help, brilliant work from his side in such a short time!

Job was started under NY agency with really good project manager: wanted to say compliment to him “Cooper is highly skilled project manager. Detail orientated & reads peoples characters well, that allows him to lead several works at a time with various clients, developers, designers & writers. He always keeps an eye on Your work flow & reminds about keeping working speed-up, but in the same time each day & each project goes under great positive mood & motivation! He gives as much creative freedom as client allows or needs, & gives precise guidelines in case if client is sure what exactly is needed. Easy to work under his lead, thanx for time together & interesting , challenging projects! Wish You to have tons of them in future!”

Conclusion: even small tasks under time pressure can bring positive emotions while working on them , if One works with the right people!


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