Move With Grace yoga studio print poster series.

Grace from Brooklyn , who runs her cozy Move With Grace Yoga Studioin the middle of the stressful Mega-city asked me to come-up with poster compositions for the series, which could be updated with the time without wasting much time on this format of poster she will need later on. Kind of template compositions, where info & color can be changed, but composition stays the same. It turned out that she needed actually 2 types of compositions. One only graphical, other with photo background, to not stay boring, when delivering essential info in a short concentrated way in a miniamalism style.

Died out palette was selected because it allows to use all kind of colors & still express relation to being natural, close to harmony, coziness in the end. So, to show that it is not necessary to stick on green color only. Posters are used on Yoga studio front/entrance mainly. Dimensions 20×30 inches.


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