BLINDSAVE SUIT for innebandy season 2016

Blindsave Black Suit – also in white – are latest floorball jersey and pants combination released before season 2016

What was started on night train from Beijing to Honkong in China inspiration trip & edited after first-bad samples shortly after trip to the perfect ones in the blindsave office in riga right before christmass, then coordinated further for blindsave themselve with the sewers  – now released & used by top innebandy goalies and all over the world.

This time they requested symetric minimalistic design in two colors with some strict request that logo sould appear in the large scale on the front of the jersey & elbow parts should be kept as same as on previous edition in 2014. This time i insisted to add curvey lines against the raw repeatedly angled raw guidelines from the blindsave initially. I suggested it by reason, cause at the same time we were cooperating on future blindsave protection gear, which will be using visually curved details due to production requirements.

Thanx supergoalie Patrik Aman for doing modeling after blindsave request, such a honor to see these shapes on him in a year before World Floorball Championship #WFC2016 in #riga!

#1protectionbrand  #salibandy #innebandy #floorball #balticdesign by #gesecolor on #blindsave #blacksuit #blindsavepants #blindsavejersey #blindsavegear



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