Terri Walsh needed a new concept of her old website after she got a new logo & colors. Project is in construction stage. The design needed to be all device friendly so the streaming of her video trainings could be done from any place, light (white by Terris’ request), site map needed a scale-down or re-structurization, to be more easier for understanding, revealing the core point essence with a fewer clicks than before. She wanted to appear feminine, yet not too Barbie alike, she wanted to appear strong, but not too sporty, she wanted to appear friendly, but not too un-serious, she wanted to be recognizable as a women as well as trainer – Purple is the new theme of her photos & all over her new branding, cause lighter tones of this color can fir to ladies, but darker ones suits to men audience as well. The new branding starts to appear mean while on Twitter , Facebook & Youtube channels.





About gesecolor

A life is a colorful splash!

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