KIDS GOALIE SET for innebandy

Kids set for  Blindsave was a task where minimalistic and asymetric look was requested according to that seasons visual path. The main idea from Blindsave was to come-up with protection vest which could serve as jersey at the same time. So protective neck part as well as thick protection layer for chest & shoulder parts needed to be inroduced into design so they dont stand out vsually bt in the same time are easily realised in the production.

To let kids enjoy trainings in the outfit as if they would be wearing protection west along with the jersey – just 2 in 1! That of course saves money for parents :).

For this set pants had exactly same design as Blindsave goelie edition 2014, the only thing i suggested to add as distinctive one from adult forms were these rubber straps, so they keep the pants on the place more securely. Large logo print onto them gives a little bit more playful look again opposite to the adult pants from this blindsave goalie gear edition.



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