Excited as usually when asked to create something for real use ..for a year i was exploring other protection brand shapes, lines & visual characters in sports industry, arguing with sportsman to get some unique appearance by keeping in mind functionality , material  (which was selected & provided by the producer – i was limited in that pint for sure) & producer’s identity. Protective shorts, elbow & knee – covered by grid which also now is used by the same producer in their shirt. From the beginning i was creating and designing this for brand, which later started to sell these products under the new brand in a collaboration with Kristaps Porzingis.


Sadly, Blindsave owners never ever solved-out the legal part with visible contract or respectful gains agreement on the intelectual property rights regarding my designs , but for me as a designer it is a real proof that my inventions are actually working – if the NBA player is ready to put his name onto my work, without words, that means the appreciation of my hard work even without talking to me directly and doing business with a Blindsave in a ¨man´s style – just believing to Blinsave brand holders – masters of the ¨lying business style¨ – which are abusing their PR, Advertisement skills and contacts in a society of my country, covering their faces behind short term connections with government figures – which has nothing to do with the designs i created, lines i drawed, neverending prototypes from various materials i managed to do and to test before the factory actually was able to start something for a producing stage and Blindsave owners created videos full of fake fame that everything were created just by them ( while the Andis Blinds didn´t even know how to draw a grid or invent the shape of the protectors and were not able to manage to create first 3D mould test, concrete mould prorotype, find a starting point to the very first shapes of poleuretane moulds and etc..), leaving my name out of totally everything , but the whole history of this process can not be erased.

An intelectual property and women´s rights might not be solved as in many, many other cases on this planet wth ¨glass ceiling¨ and gender inecualty – placed away and hidden, but wishing all the best to everyone who lives better because of my work in all meanings anf of course to every user of this product – thank´s – as it gives some believe in the:  #womanpower #genderecualty #womansrights #justice #womanindesign #inelectualproperty #igualdad #nomachismo





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