Web page for Move With Grace (Brooklyn) based Yoga studio

Well yeah, when the logo was created then webpage was re-launched as well. Take a look: http://movewithgrace.com/ .

As Grace is very busy person & her time is really valuable, it was essential to come-up with solutions for banners & sliders, so she can update them on her own, that means without any need of calling me or coder anymore after the job is complete. So design was made simple & form blocks, which are fully editable visually as well as informatively. So, in the end she is able to create banners on her own right from the admin panel of the page..

Photo-shooting to improve visual look of the brand  is on the way

Implementation of the Schedule section with the new design & user interface improvement still on its way.

Hopefully a lot of people will find their way to this studio – an island of peace in the middle of the busy city.


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