Was working  on this generous brand Sidonie  under France based IT & developement company. (2sker for sidonie) Was proudly involved into creation of full brand look & visual appearance – starting from logo, continuing with phones’ app interface, web structure & design, product shooting management, product look adjustments, packaging, icons… Sidonie social & print media materials & so on & on.. tons of visuals & style dictation set-up(s), just to deliver the great idea of benefits prepared for seniors from Sidonie products…

Sidonie – caring hands…

Market area was dictated initially as french speaking over 35  y (thos who buy for seniors), users over 65 y old .. for the specific senior sight some tests & research was done during the creative process, cause their eyes sees not so bright anymore & several precautions must be taken in count when colors, fonts & composition elements are combined.. in the same time for the potential buyer that all needed to appear appealing.

Sidonie was nominated recently for ‪#‎SilverEco‬ nomination.

Hopefully they will keep-on their product creation & IT know-how in this niche & expand globally soon!





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  1. Impeccable work with massive affection for the elderly !

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