This was very interesting task with research work & literary MONTHS of getting the right shape. An innovative material was found & provided by the company blindsave, who asked me to work on this protection gear task. The whole trick was to observe other safety parts for the goalie masks in floorball & also in ice-hockey niches.

The main thing Blindsave was asking for was to make the part shapes in such a way that they cover almost entire inner surface of the mask by taking in count that product will heat-up by the warmth of the player & adjust to the shape of the head. .. of course, the angles & the style of the shape visually also needed to match their logo & branding style.

To gain this simplicity in the look , i needed to keep in mind that manufacturing costs also should be reasonable & less parts means less moulds, which means cost-productivity. Design always should go hand by hand with ecoomc factors as we know! Also having less parts to insert into the mask is just more handy for a final user!

Believe it or not – good products come from heart & warm attitude of a designer who falls in love with project, makes sure he understands those who will use the item, cares about each comment when prototype is weared by passionate testers! & don’t hesitate to do a thousand revisions just to get the product part perfect!  Precicely this task began on a messy kitchen table – friends around, guests & sportsmens passing by, all comments flying above, all sights… was taken in count.. when You do something from heart with passion, it turns out useful & innovative guided by logic & care!

Many thanx to all others who were involved from factory side, from managing side & client himself for this opportunity to live with this project for more than half a year!

a lot of other great ideas comming out by this company wich collaborates under itself various specialists & designers. Long live!

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